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MAA JANKI DEVI EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE TRUST was founded in 2015. Lt. Smt. Janki Devi had a great love for children. Inspired by the zeal of his mother, her son Shri Vijay Dhamija founded MJDEWT with help of his son Shri Siddharth Dhamija, Chairman and Managing Trustee of the trust to bring quality education and help the needy children of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh State.

Fully aware of the potential of the peoples of Uttarakhand. Its main thrust is thus on EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH through its project undertaken on its own or in collaboration with other institutions. As MJDEWT believes that one does not have to be great to start but one has to start.

We are registered under the Trust Act 1982, our organization is working on providing computer training for youth, organising free health check-up camps for children and their parents, donating food material, clothes and other goods in different organisations.

Maa Janki Devi Educational and Welfare trust is also an active member of "Early Child Development Forum"


Shri Vijay Dhamija



Shri Siddharth Dhamija

Chairman/Managing Trustee

Society Registration - UK17200963200895P Other Registrations - An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Membership No.: NGO - 002 (Honorary)

Membership No.


Membership No.

NGO-002 (Honorary)

Project ‘SAKSHAM’

Our Team

We Need Your Help To Promote Humanity


We at MJDEWT tend to deliver the best quality of help to the needy ones through our different programs like:

  • Fresh Food
  • Health Check-ups
  • Opportunity for Education
  • Pure Drinking Water

Recent Updates

Conducted certified 6 months yoga classes in 'Apna Ghar - An Orphanage' under 'Project SAKSHAM'
Running certified 3 months mehndi course at Raipur Road, Dehradun under 'Project SAKSHAM'
Established Computer Graphic Designing Institute in Roorkee in September, 2021
Launch of Project 'SAKSHAM' in January 2022.
Organised Blood Donation Camp on April 1st, 2022 with a collection of 38 units.
Hiring Volunteers for different social activities.

Our Services

Clothes and Food Material Distribution

MJDEWT help the needy ones with the distribution of Clothes and Food Material to Orphans, Old Age Homes, etc.


The computer institute has been built up in Roorkee, to educate the basic knowledge of computers to the children.


MJDEWT organises the regular Health Checkup Camps at different places with help of experienced doctors.

Covid-19 Relief

MJDEWT is actively helping the Covid19 patients by doing blood donations, hospitalization, etc.

Project ‘SAKSHAM’

Our Team



Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences

Yoga Trainer

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma

Master of Computer Application

Computer Graphics Trainer

Mrs. Shivani Batra


Mehndi Trainer

Why Volunteer/Become Member With MJDEWT

We are very thankful to those people and organisations who helped us to grow regularly and in improving children’s life.

Volunteering or Becoming a Member with MJDEWT is simple, yet rewarding, way to support a cause you care about. While there are a million reasons why you should volunteer or become member with MJDEWT, here are our top 3 ones!

  • Your work, whether on the field or behind the scenes, will help us make India a better place for the needy ones.
  • Your volunteering experience will help you develop invaluable professional skills and build your leadership capabilities.
  • No matter who you are or what you do, we have a wide range of volunteering options for you.

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